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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Comments on the new 'Wachapreague' page

First of all, gotta admit it, I love Wachapreague. It’s a bit like Willis Wharf in that it still has the flavor of the quintessential southern coastal fishing village/community. I always feel good when I’m in Wachapreague. Part of this, I think, is because of the houses. People live there and you can tell that people live there. Their yards are not always perfect. They all seem to make an effort at keeping them neat and picked up, but they are not silly about it. If the folks at home are working on a project, things are lying around the yard. And that’s how it should be. It’s their yard! Please protect me and mine against tyrannical home owners associations! They foster little paper doll cutouts of people and communities.

Oops, guess I’m off on another rant. Anyhow – one person’s opinion.

How about those dawn pictures. I’m so sorry if you have your monitor set dark and can’t see them. I lucked out and they turned out super. They really were taken at dawn and I don’t do ‘dawn’ for almost anything or anybody. But for Wachapreague I felt I had to make an exception. And it was worth it. It was peaceful and quiet and just before things would start to jump.

Wachapreague is a busy place. It’s a working place. Some places I have a problem getting people in my photos, not here. Here people are going about the job of getting things done. Was happy to be able to include folks out and doing. On the second page, I’ve included something some of you might never have seen. I got these pictures during duck season and that’s a shooting blind. It can be tricky to get into small places ‘cause it’s hard to see. These guys made it look as easy as it probably is to them. Wouldn’t be to me.

The small carnival pictures were taken while the ‘show’ was shut down. It is now in full swing and the clickable enlargements or details are night time festive shots of the same rides and so forth. One of the things that some of you out there might not realize is that these carnivals are owned by the fire departments and run by the firemen themselves - all voluntary. They use the money to fund part of their fire and rescue work throughout the year. Kudos to all these folks!

In the rows below the carnival pictures are various shots. Ron and Abner came to say hello. Two guys talking ‘cars’ in the middle of the street. Gotta love it - same everywhere. Next picture - concession made for some inhabitants. And that building - I just like it. And the chairs in front of it, empty now. But when works done for the day and the weather’s right, they get some use.

Next row, just interesting scenes. I especially like the one of the new boat nose to nose with the one that’s way past its better days. Next 3 pics - meet Joe. He’s a buddy of mine. And that’s his buddy next to him. Those curlews are carvings of Joe’s. He also builds the best looking scale model boats you ever saw, complete with all the trappings on them. Old scows and old skipjacks, you name it. Models that come to life on a table or a porch.

The last 3 shots are among my very favorites. They serve to remind me of what we are in the process of losing to development.

Ann Devletian


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